Open positions

We are always looking for new group members with passion, talent, and grit!

You will have the chance to work on grand challenges at the interface between AI, Applied Math and Ocean Science. You will be involved in determining the important and interesting questions, creating and improving new algorithms combining physics and data-driven strategies, designing and running data challenges and benchmarking experiments, and making discoveries.

Current open positions

We will open new PhD, postdoc and internship positions. You find the current job openings here:

  • PhD scholarship on Learning Reduced-Order Ocean Forecasting Models here
  • Postdoctoral fellowship on Learning-Based Reconstruction of Upper Ocean Dynamics from Underwater Acoustics Data here
  • Postdoctoral fellowship on Deep emulators of marine plankton dynamics here
  • Postdoctoral fellowship on Deep learning and data assimilation for ocean forecasting and reanalysis here

Example of positions which have recently been close

  • PhD scholarship on Learning Optimal Measurement and Sampling Strategies for Multi-platform Ocean Monitoring Surveillance here
  • PhD scholarship on Deep Learning Representations for Lagrangian Dynamics at sea surface here
  • PhD scholarship on Tropical Cyclone classification and prediction using multimodal physics- informed artificial intelligence methods here
  • PhD scholarship on Data-driven MOdeling and sampling to MOnitor PARticle origins in deep sediment traps here
  • Internship on Adversarial learning of variational models for inverse problems here
  • Internship on Deep learning inversion of sea surface processes from SAR imaging here

You might also look at some past job advertisements. While the projects keep changing, the themes are still roughly the same. You can download them here, here, or here.

Applications for PhD and Postdoc positions

If you are interested in working with us as a PhD student or postdoc, please send an email to Pr. Ronan Fablet. State briefly why you are interested and attach a CV, including information about the grades you had as an undergraduate. No need for a separate cover letter or certificates. Important: please insert “Application PhD” or “Application Postdoc” in the subject line. If you are applying to a specific advertisement, note this in your email.

There are postdoc scholarship available. We’d be happy to support you after you apply to our group. Take a look at the Marie Curie fellowship.

MSc./Eng. internships

If you are a Master/engineering student looking for an internship, contact me (or any group member) per email or stop by my office.