12. December 2022
PhD defense of Aurélien Colin More information here.

9. December 2022
PhD defense of Hugo Frézat More information here.

8. December 2022
PhD defense of Jean-Marie Vient More information here.

6. December 2022
Advanced course on Deep Learning and Goephysical Dynamics: third session by Prof. Ronan Fablet More information here.

30. November 2022
PhD defense of Amédée Roy More information here.

29. November 2022
Advanced course on Deep Learning and Goephysical Dynamics: third session by Prof. Nicolas Courty See video.

22. November 2022
Advanced course on Deep Learning and Goephysical Dynamics: second session by Dr. David Greenberg See video.

15. November 2022
Advanced course on Deep Learning and Goephysical Dynamics: first session See here.

15. September 2022
New preprint on divergence-free normalizing flows See here.

15. August 2022
New paper on end-to-end learning for neural subgrid-scale closures See here.

15. July 2022
New paper on 4DVarNet for gap-free satellite-derived sea surface suspended sediment dyanmics See here.

7. May 2022
New PhD and postdoc positions See here.

29. April 2022
OceaniX sandbox by Q. Febvre. on the joint mapping and calibration of altimetry data.

20. April 2022
OceaniX webinar by. N. Thome. on physics-informed learning.

16. March 2022
OceaniX Webinar by Peter Dueben. on Machine Learning for Weather and Predictions.

15. March 2022
Two new papers on DL and Seabird movement ecology ( MEE and PLOS Comp. Biol. ).

11. March 2022
OceaniX sandbox by E. Pauthenet. on Temperature, salinity and mixed layer depth in the Gulf Stream, reconstructed from remote sensing and in situ observations with neural networks.

1. March 2022
A new paper on DL for the segmentation of metocean patterns in SAR images. ( Rem. Sens.) .

25. February 2022
OceaniX sandbox by C. Granero Belinchon. on the interest of high order statistics when characterizing non-linear systems.

16. February 2022
OceaniX Webinar by Nicolas Courty. on Optimal Transport for Graph processing.

28. January 2022
OceaniX sandbox by Z. Lang. on Neural inversion of Significant Wave Height from SAR image spectra.

19. January 2022
OceaniX Webinar by Pierre Lermussiaux. on Bayesian Learning of High-Dimensional Dynamical Models.

14. January 2022
OceaniX sandbox by A. Frion. on the Manipulation of GAN images using optimal transport.

10. December 2021
New ANR project funded in ANR AI-Biodiv Challenge. ( link ).

20. October 2021
OceaniX Webinar by Jakob Runge. on Causal inference in Earth system sciences.

24. September 2021
First demonstration of 4DVarNet over an ocean basin. Have a look at our animation ( link ). More to come soon.

15. September 2021
OceaniX annual assembly will take place at the Pôle Numérique Brest Iroise. Come and meet us to know more on our research ( link )

16. June 2021
OceaniX webinar by F. Linsten

22. May 2021
OceaniX sandbox by F. Sevellec on Interannual Climate Prediction of Surface Atmospheric Temperature ( zoom link)

19. May 2021
OceaniX Webinar by G. Camps-Valls on Physics-aware Interpretable Machine learning in the Earth sciences ( video)

11. May 2021
New preprint on learning integration schemes for ODE simulation and identificatons ( arxiv paper) </em>

5. May 2021
OceaniX sandbox by S. Ouala on learning integration schemes for ODE simulation and identificatons ( video)

16. April 2021
OceaniX Webinar by T. Sapsis on Extreme events in fluid flows and water waves ( video)

9. April 2021
OceaniX-Melody Sandbox on Data Assimilation and Deep Learning, 10.00am-12.30pm ( more information)

1. April 2021
New paper to be presented at ISPRS Congress on 4DVarNet and applications to satellite altimetry ( link)

23. March 2021
Webinar on AI and Earth Observation from Space given by Dr. M. Spigai, March 26 1.30pm

16. March 2021
Webinar on Computational Light-Field Imaging given by Dr. C. Guillemot, March 17 1.30pm

9. March 2021
PhD defense Said Ouala on Deep learning and geophysical dynamics, March 17 2.30pm (zoom link)

9. March 2021
Webinar on Computational Brain Imaging given by Dr. P.-L. Bazin, March 9 1.30pm (zoom link)

10. February 2021
New papers to be presented at IEEE Icassp’2020 on Deep learning, variational modeling and sea surface dynamics. (here)

12. February 2021
New paper published in IEEE Trans. on ITS on Deep learning for GeotrackNet (here)

12. February 2021
Oceanix sandbox Maxime’s talk on SPDE, conditional simulations ad Deep Learning (here).

05. February 2021
Oceanix sandbox Said’s talk on Fenics-Pytorch (here).

15. January 2021
An opportunity to join OceaniX through ISblue call for postdoctoral fellowships (here).

15. January 2021, 11am
Oceanix sandbox Simon’s talk on variational learning for the reconstruction of sea surface currents from AIS data (here).

17. December 2020, 10am
PhD Defense Duong Nguyen, Variational Deep Learning, Dynamical Systems & Maritime traffic. (Zoom link)

16. December 2020, 1.30pm
Oceanix webinar Julien Brajard, NERSC (here).

4. December 2020
Oceanix sandbox Noura’s tutorial on torchSDE (here).

27. November 2020
Oceanix sandbox Carlo’s talk on Multiscale Complexity (here).

25. November 2020
Talk @« Saisir le mouvement : décrire et inférer la dynamique des systèmes » (here).

24. November 2020
Lecture @RSHU on Bridging Physics and Deep Learning: application to ocean dynamics (here).

20. November 2020
Oceanix sandbox tuto on Data Versioning (here).

16. November 2020
New internship offer check (here).

16. November 2020
New Remote sensing paper on the data-driven interpolation of satellite altimeter data.

13. November 2020
OceaniX Sandbox: 4DVarNN & GANs

10. November 2020
New preprint on learning-based subgrid-scale modeling (link)

6. November 2020
OceaniX Sandbox: pytorch lightning

22. October 2020
New Chaos paper: (link)

21. October 2020
OceaniX-AI4OAC Webinar by F. Bouchet (here)

21. September 2020
Have a look at our papers presented at Climate Informatics, CI2020. (here)

01. September 2020
New OceaniX website!